What is a Foundation or Pre-Masters programme?

If you want to secure entry to UK undergraduate or postgraduate university programmes you need to meet certain minimum academic and English language requirements. Although most overseas students successfully secure direct entry to many UK universities there are others who come from a different educational background and thus may not meet the direct entry requirements.

Examples of students that may have to do a university foundation or a Pre-Masters include those that:

  • Have been educated in an education system that is different from the UK. In some countries, students study a shorter High School system than in the UK. In Mexico for instance, students study 12 years before they enter a university whereas in the UK students study 13 years.
  • Have not obtained the required minimum academic score to secure UK university entry. A student may not have performed as well as they would have liked during their High School career or Bachelor’s degree course.
  • Have non-standard entry qualifications. Courses may require students to have taken very specific subjects at High School or Undergraduate level and without these subjects students may not be able to enter every programme. This may also apply to International Baccalaureate students that have taken the ‘wrong’ IB subjects.
  • Don’t have the required English level to secure direct university entry. UK universities set strict minimum English language criteria that all international students need to meet.

The good news is that students that fall into any of the above categories can still secure UK university entry by first completing a university Foundation or Pre-Masters programme. Studying these programmes will not only guarantee you entry to a wide range of UK Bachelor’s degree or Masters programmes but it will also ensure you’re better prepared for your UK university studies.

Foundation Programmes

A foundation programme is a short course that, upon completion, allows you entry onto Bachelor’s degrees in the UK. In Mexico, the Preparatoria/Bachillerato (High School) career is 3 years in length whereas in the UK it’s 4 years. Therefore Mexican Bachillerato students are not able to directly enter a UK university degree course unless they first complete a university Foundation programme.

There are 2 types of foundation programmes:

  • Foundation courses leading to Year 1 entry onto many UK Bachelor’s degree programmes. You will complete your entire career in 4 years max, including the foundation.
  • Diploma courses leading to Year 2 entry onto many UK Bachelor’s degree programmes. You will complete your entire career in 3 years max, including the foundation.

A Foundation or Diploma course will often guarantee you direct entry to the first or second year of your UK degree. For students that are not yet sure what they’d like to study at university we offer generic foundation programmes as well. This will give you access to a wide range of UK universities through specialist University Placement Services or the UCAS system. Courses are offered in the areas of Business, Law and Social Science, Science and Engineering, Art and Design, Media and Communications, Tourism and Hospitality, Computing and Creative Technologies and Biological Sciences and Pharmacy. There is also a very special Medicine foundation route available to overseas students.

Pre-Masters Programmes

A Pre-Masters programme secures your entry to a wide variety of UK Masters programmes. Most students who opt to study these programmes do so for various reasons which include:

  • Students that have lower university degree scores and thus cannot gain direct entry to UK university degrees
  • Students that have lower levels of English
  • Students that have been out of the education system for many years because of their work career

Inova Education partners with all of the UK’s main foundation and pre-masters course providers (Kaplan, StudyGroup, INTO, Oxford International and Cambridge Education Group) so regardless what university you’d like to gain entry to, we can help you. Our foundation partners have colleges spread across the UK, located at many universities, and combined they guarantee entry onto thousands of UK university Bachelor’s degrees and Masters programmes.

Guaranteed progression to a wide range of UK Universities

When students successfully complete their Foundation or Pre-Masters programme they are guaranteed entry into the first year of an undergraduate Bachelor’s course or a postgraduate Masters course. Students that study a special Foundation Diploma programme may even secure second-year university entry to a range of UK Bachelor’s degree programme. In case a student does not obtain the required entry requirements for their first-choice university most students will still find a study place in the UK system.

Finish your UK degree in only 2 or 3 years!

Foundation and Pre-Masters courses will last from only 2 semesters (6-7 months) up to 3 semesters (10-11 months), depending on your academic background and level of English. The vast majority of Mexican and Latin American students only require a short, 6-7 month foundation or Pre-Masters course.

Now the really good news. Because of the longer duration of UK High School careers most UK university degree programmes are only 3 years in length which is much shorter than in many other countries. This means that students that require a Foundation programme will still, despite having to complete a foundation course, complete their Bachelor’s degree studies quicker in the UK than they would in many other countries. In Mexico for instance, university degrees are either 4 or 5 years in length and the vast majority of Mexican students takes on average 4.5 years to complete their degree. Masters courses in most countries around the world are 2 years in length, in the UK it is only 1 year.

Even better, we have a range of foundation courses which, after completion, place you directly into the second year of a UK university degree programme meaning that you finish a UK university degree in only 3 years, including your foundation!

Finishing your career quicker has huge financial implications and therefore tuition fees in the UK can work out cheaper than doing the same degree or Masters course in the US or Canada. Even compared to many private universities in Mexico and Latin America studying in the UK often works out at similar prices or can be cheaper. So you pay less, finish quicker, study in Europe, have an incredible international experience, boost your CV and employment prospect and graduate from world-ranked universities in a world-class education system.

The Benefits of Studying a Foundation or Pre-Masters programme

There are many benefits attached to studying a university preparation course at one of Inova Education’s foundation providers which include:

  • Excellent academic university preparation to be successful at a UK university.
  • On-campus study centres so students are university students from day and enjoy all the university facilities.
  • Guaranteed university progression to the vast majority of UK universities.
  • Special integrated English classes for students with lower English levels.
  • Wide choice of courses, choose from over 1,000 university degrees, in subject areas such as Business, Law, Social Science, Engineering, Science, Art & Design, Architecture, Media, Computing, Tourism and more.
  • Flexible start dates (January, May or September)
  • Partial scholarships for Mexican students
  • Outstanding student support services with students often being assigned a personal tutor that guides them through their foundation studies.
  • Extensive and free support from application to study visa through Inova Education with access to support staff in Mexico and the UK.

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