Meet the team

All staff working at Inova have direct experience studying, working and living abroad. This makes them your ideal partner in helping you prepare for your studies and life overseas as they know about the many steps involved in the process and can help you succeed.

Our team in Latin America

Eric Wijmenga


Eric is the founder and Director of Inova Education and based in our head office in the United Kingdom. Eric has worked with international students in various capacities since 1996, across various continents. He is also Co-Director of Inova Consultancy, Inova Education's parent company. Helping students achieve their aspirations, 80's music and coffee is what fuels his day.

Geert van Witteloostuijn

General Manager

Geert (we call him Jack) is the General Manager of Inova Education, based in our LATAM office in Mexico City. Working with people and building bridges is what he likes best. Inova Education allows him to help students from Latin-America to achieve their goal of studying in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He’s fond of music, travelling, watching movies and any kind of sports.

Deborah Cedeño

Senior International Study Advisor

Deborah is a Senior Study Advisor at Inova Education, based in our LATAM office in Mexico City. She has over 7 years of experience in UK Higher Education and for the British Council. Certified by the British Council she is an authorised student counsellor for the United Kingdom. Having studied abroad herself, she enjoys travelling, meeting new people, cultures and learning from different ways of thinking.

Santiago Mehle

Admissions and Office Administrator

Santiago joined Inova Education in 2019 and is responsible for the admissions process. He is based in our LATAM office in Mexico City. He enjoys helping students achieving their dreams of studying overseas. Santiago loves travelling, learning about new places and cultures and is a big fan of coffee and martial arts.

Carlo Vidal Miranda

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Carlo is our Marketing and Social Media Coordinator and is based in Lima, Peru. He is a graduate from The University of Sheffield. Carlo loves travelling and playing sports, especially football. Having lived and studied in the UK and in Austria, he is passionate about spreading awareness of European education throughout Latin America and really embraces what being Latin American is about.

Laura Díaz

Recruitment Officer

Laura is the Recruitment Officer for the University of Sheffield and is based in our LATAM office in Mexico City. She works with students across Mexico and wider Latin America. Laura is passionate about languages and cultures. For her, student mobility is a life-changing experience. She is also a big fan of tennis.

Fabiola Delfín

International Study Advisor

Fabiola is one of Inova Education’s International Study Advisors based in our LATAM office in Mexico City. She has lived in Mexico, the United States and in New Zealand. Fabiola previously worked in Civil Society Organizations, and an Embassy, among others. She enjoys learning about other cultures and people, is passionate about human rights, and believes that student mobility not only develops personal and professional growth, but also helps connect countries and cultures.

Elizabeth Coloma

Country Coordinator

Elizabeth (Licy) works as a coordinator for Inova Education and is based in La Paz, Bolivia. Licy worked for most of her professional career at the British Embassy in Bolivia as a Chancery and Programme Officer and is very keen to help students pursue their studies in the UK. She is also an expert on the UK government’s Chevening programme.

Fernanda Galarraga

International Study Advisor

Fernanda is one of Inova Education’s International Study Advisors, based in our Mexico City office. Since she experienced what a life changing opportunity studying abroad was she has been in love with traveling and meeting people from all over the world. She has lived in Canada, the United States and Germany. She enjoys watching movies and reading.

Ross Collins

Country Coordinator

Ross is the Country Coordinator for Paraguay and Uruguay and is based in Asunción, Paraguay. Ross also teaches British History at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción and works as an adviser to the Ministry of Health. Ross studied at the universities of Edinburgh, Oxford and the Gregorian University in Rome. If there is a consistent theme in his life, it has been the quest to accompany young people as they explore their dreams and destinies thus Inova seems a natural home.

Veronica Lugo

Fair Assistant

Veronica has worked with Inova Education for quite some years now and she covers High School university fairs and exhibitions around Mexico. A decade of residency in Spain marked her professional experience, which currently translates into skills in understanding and adaptation to diverse cultures. She specializes in topics such as public opinion, educational programmes and behaviour analysis of intercultural consumer societies.

Our team in the United Kingdom

Marina, Val, Carolyn, Emma, Dominika, Danyal, Babett, Michele and Millie

Inova Education is a subsidiary of Inova Consultancy, a UK-based organisation providing consultancy services in the areas of career development, mentoring, project management and entrepreneurship. The main themes underlying our work are change management, knowledge transfer, student mobility, diversity and equal opportunities. Inova Consultancy develops and delivers multi-partner projects and has worked with 30 organisations across 4 continents. Inova's work is funded through Erasmus+ (a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.)

“Es un gusto que gente tan capacitada y dispuesta ayude a personas como yo a materializar sus sueños. ¡Muchas gracias, Inova!”

Andrea Ramirez RenteríaStudied Development Studies (MA)

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